A last and brief hint is worth to be reserved to the fauna populating the waters of Tacina, Lese, Neto and Cecita rivers. The queen species, in this case, is the trout, but the “triotto” [rutilus aula] and the loach are also found. The herpetic fauna is well represented both by amphybians and by reptiles.

Among the first species, the salamander and the spotted salamander (picture) are easily recognizable (this last characterized by a dark dorsal colour but, in Calabria, is found in a clearer phenotype), the yellow-bellied toad, the common and the green toad, and again many frogs among which the tree-frog and the green and Apennines frog.

Among reptiles, the presence of the viper is relevant, both in the common variant and in three phenotypes: greyish back, dark back and clear-bellied, and the last one wholly black. It is the only reptile whose bite could be dangerous for men. Other reptiles are: the green lizard, the red-eyed coluber (picture) and the smooth coluber.