In the Sila National Park we still have the good fortune to admire natural realities of great interest. Despite the changes caused by man, you can see wild angles, grandiose scenarios of history, which are diversified by varying the odds and seasons, creating a magical atmosphere, wonderful contrasts, a symphony of colors with different shades that every visitor of the Park will be able to observe.

The green patriarchs

They are ancient trees, the "green patriarchs", firmly linked to their territory, warranter of biodiversity and bearers of a particular genetic heritage.
They are colossal plants, surrounded by mosses, lichens, grasses, ferns, shrubs, creepers, polychrome flowers and a myriad of animals, that condition life with chlorophyll, able to intercept and use solar energy to build living matter.

albero - patriarchi verdi

They are exceptional, unique trees, shaped by the wind and other adversities, living in balance with the environment, highlighting the strategic perenniality of the wood, moderating the climate, enhancing the landscape, protecting the soil, protecting water reserves, improving both the material and the spiritual life of man; for all these reasons they deserve reverence and gratitude, they arouse wonder and admiration. They were the heritage of the past men, they exist for our time people and it is appropriate that they will be for the future generations. They are secular trees, those that live in the Park, of undoubted spectacularness, some with strange shapes, with exceptional diameters, with enormous heights, with singular hairs, sometimes sick, tortured, twisted, marked by the adversities of time, but of enormous resistance, endowed with an unrepeatable genetic code, sometimes more classic, with less tortuous stem, straight and uniform crown.
All represent impressive figures from past times, from ancient seasons, that have come to us, as residues of the past thick forests, to show us the particular plants vitality, resistance and longevity. They are trees of venerable age, having left around children tended to emulate their fathers and face existence over the centuries.

Who knows if the trees of contemporary society will be able to live so long, undermined by fungi and insects, acid rain, sick air, polluted waters?

albero gigante

Each "monumental tree" recounts with great detail the vicissitudes of its environment, of which it appears to be the oldest inhabitant, the most long-lived living being, the most profound connoisseur.
Innumerable "green patriarchs" live in the Park, from the "Sila Giants", in Big Sila, to "Prometeo" and to the "Gariglione Giants", in Little Sila, and to many other ancient trees scattered on ridges, in valleys, on cliffs, along the rivers, in the most unexpected places, to perpetuate nature exaltation and  apotheosis.

albero gigante


Twin Firs

Sky Chestnut

Chestnut of Musco

Sila Giants

Vutullo Pine

Buturo Pine

Oak Casa Pasquale

Durmast of Ceraso