Nature trail: the Giant Trees Path of the Cupe Valleys

The itinerary will lead you through the Giants Park of Melitani, the Good Giant and Malandrino Giant Paths, the Milicurciu in Sersale.

sentieri alberi giganti

If there is still a primeval forest in Europe it is precisely the Sila’s one and this is demonstrated by the Good Giant and the Giants of Melitani, chestnut trees of incomparable beauty, real natural monuments that reach the 10 meters in circumference, impressing visitors with their imposing size and set of the events concerning local history.

The Good Giant is a chestnut tree of about 500 years, more than eight meters in circumference, and has been adopted by the elementary schools children of Sersale. Its name derives from the fact that in ancient times this temple of life was part of an extensive chestnut grove, which fed the local populations; for its goodness it was called "tree of bread", because with its precious flour were prepared all the dishes that today are made with wheat.

Near the giant you can still observe and visit the ancient Bourbonnais way; a ‘carcara’ (still called with its ancient Greek name), i.e. a blast furnace for the production of lime; and a pastillaro, an ancient stone building where chestnuts were dried.

Finally, in Piazza C. Borelli of Sersale it is possible to admire a centuries-old tree of extraordinary beauty: it is a real natural monument, belonging to the Celtis australis species, but known to all by its dialectal name ‘milicurciu’.


Period: all year

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