The Visitor Centers are the ideal doors for guiding the visit to the Park. They have been created because it is not easy to describe the characteristics of a park and it is not easy to explain to visitors how to fully enjoy its beauties.
In the Visitor Centers all guests can find useful information to better discover and explore the Protected Area, where to educate visitors to the appropriate knowledge and respectful use of the natural environment. In the Visitor Centers, placed in large natural settings, among other things, thematic stories are developed that highlight particular aspects of the park, you can find publications and brochures, buy gadgets, receive information, book accompanying services for excursions and anything else you need; moreover here you can find suitable structures for the organization of conferences and other cultural events.

We are proud to state that our Centers are certainly among the most important, extensive and complete Visitor Centers in Italy, built at the time of the historic National Park of Calabria, on territories managed by the State Forests Company. Now they fall into the Sila National Park. They are visited every year by hundreds of thousands of visitors, not counting the numerous school children who come from the central-southern regions in the Park for naturalistic, forest and environmental education.

They are jewels that the Park can boast of, which it intends to preserve and improve in order to make its many peculiarities evident and visible, and to favor a convenient approach of visitors to beautiful natural environments. Two are the most complete centers, one on Lake Cecita, in the locality "Cupone" in the municipality of Spezzano della Sila (CS), and the other adjacent to the Villaggio Mancuso, in the locality "Monaco" of the municipality of Taverna (CZ).

The Visitor Centers aim to train, inform and educate to respect the natural, environmental, social and economic resources of the Sila territory through the structures and spaces set up by the Territorial Carabinieri Coordination for the Environment, which are largely accessible and usable also by people with disabilities, elderly and children.

Among the most important structures in the Visitor Centers we mention: heliports, congress halls, thematic museums, centers for naturalistic, forest, environmental education, libraries, green theaters, green classrooms, Silan biodiversity nurseries, forest culture gardens, thematic trails can also be used by the weaker groups, villages of the ancient Sila, centers for the setting and diffusion of the wolf, deer, roe deer, eagle owls, demonstration and didactic centers for deer, etc ...

Foto Museo Centro Visita Cupone