“Footprints in the Park” is the first Adventure Park in Calabria, an acrobatic park

hanged among the trees and surrounded by a beautiful beech wood, in the heart

of Sila Piccola, where balance, adventure spirit, the will to put yourself to the last,

coordination and, partly, strength are the essential elements to win the challenge.

In the Adventure Park it is possible to enjoy other activities, thought up for all needs:


Trekking: discovering Sila Piccola crossing the paths of the National Park leaded by a GAE guide (Excursion-Environmental Guide – Guida Ambientale Escursionistica).
Mountain-bike tours: discovering Sila Piccola crossing the paths of the National Park by bike, alone or by using a GPS.


Orienteering: it is a play suitable for children and teenagers above all, useful to become able to orientate by using a compass. Emotional Travels: pages of books told by costumed actors who, through emotion and using the five senses, make the history of places coming to life again.
Summer Camps: organizing summer camps for children, surrounded by woods.
Climbing: it is a sport activity to be carried out with the artificial face, 6 m. high, installed in the National Park.


Outdoor company training: actual training for companies carried out in the nature, in order to make new ways of action arising.
Incentives and Events: organizing business meetings or general events to promote new services and products.