By Car
AutoThe central position of Sila National Park, in comparison with the regional morphology, makes it easy to be reached by car, both if you come from the Ionian area, covering the National Road 106 and from the Tyrrhenian one, covering the N.R. 18. However, in both cases, the highway A3, with its gates for Rogliano, Altilia Grimaldi and Lamezia Terme in the south, is the primary axe on which you can address your choices if the travel would be very long. Being the Silan district halfway between Cosenza and Catanzaro, there is a cross-way to reach the National park. The National Road 107, connecting Sila to Crotone area, is an excellent intermediate way, equally distant from Sila Grande, Greca and Piccola. Other alternative roads are the freeway 280 “Dei due Mari” [Of the two Seas], near to the Isthmus of Lamezia-Catanzaro and Rosarno N.R. 281 in the south.

By Train
TrenoFerrovie dello Stato [Italian State Railways] offer a wide range of choices to reach the National Park by train. Paola, Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro and Crotone have the main railway stations from which you can leave for Sila, taking later the narrow-gauge train of Ferrovie della Calabria [Calabrian Railways] Cosenza-Catanzaro and vice-versa. Another way, covered by steam engine – Camigliatello, San Giovanni in Fiore, Camigliatello – is always ready to meet the pleasure to travel by vintage coaches.

By Bus
AutobusThe bus-lines, which are private or managed by Ferrovie della Calabria, are an obvious support to which turn to, in order to reach the chosen destinations. In the summertime, from the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts, buses daily leave for Sila.

By Airplane
AereoThose of you who prefer to fly, in less than two hours from Milan and Turin, and lesser if you leave from Rome and Bologna, direct flights can get the two airports nearer to Sila, that of Lamezia Terme, on the Tyrrhenian side, and that of Crotone S. Anna on the Ionian side.