In the National Park, it is possible to find the most typical species of the Silan territory, whose wonderful flowers, shooting mainly in spring and summer time, melt with the green fields and surrounding woods, creating an enjoyable and relaxing striking view, and stressing the whole natural importance of this place. The first spring-blooming concerns saffron, forget-me-not, primrose, cyclamen and a multicoloured variety of violas.

fiori crocus

As season gets ahead, different species of orchids flourish, among which: buttercup, anemone, hyacinth, sword-lily, narcissus, nasturtium, crocus (picture), alyssum, lily, mauve, speedwell, thyme, campanula, verbena, oregano, mint, camomile, anise and many others. The naked-lady is the last to flourish before winter. Once the flourishing is over, in autumn it is possible to admire the spectacular and iridescent colours of the hardwood forests, contrasting the wonderful green of larch pine and silver fir. All that is made possible thanks to the siliceous soil and to Mediterranean climate, mainly mild through the influence of the near Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. 

Inside the National Park, the picking up of flowers and the damaging of spontaneous flora is strictly forbidden, except in those areas where the agro-pastoral activities are allowed, always in the observance of local regulations and public spirit.

Piante officinali nel Parco Nazionale della Sila