In the territory of the Sila National Park you can find handicrafts of great value.


After a stay in the park, it is possible to come back home with a basket of chestnut or “salicone”, with a cooked clay cane - handcrafted in the ancient way -, with weft wool, linen and silk clothes, with precious filigree jewels made in the Byzantine way, with plants adapted to forms of varied usefulness and expressiveness, with patiently forged pieces, all products that are the result of the patient and laborious creativity of the local artisans.

artigianato tessura

Some of these traditional knowledges have over the years been transformed into artisan workshops known and renowned all over the world, such as the carpets manufacture of San Giovanni in Fiore or of Longobucco, or even the master goldsmiths of San Giovanni in Fiore.