Forestry in this land has very ancient roots. The Sila forests have always been exploited for pitch, turpentine and timber harvesting.
For ages, countless ships, churches and buildings were built using trunks from Sila.

Moreover, the ancient sawmill in Cupone town, now part of the homonymous Visit Centre, has been operating since the '80s of the past century.

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The economically driven wood, guaranteed for centuries by the cultivation of the forest, has characterized the Sila Park life. Used as a privileged material in the construction of houses, it has continued to be a primary production for the sector of construction by woodworkers and for small artifacts of semi-industrial and artisanal carpentry.

The most used trees are the Laricio pine, the chestnut - with its peculiarities of resistance to pests and durability in time - and still the beech, the maple, the oak and, finally, the strawberry tree and the heathers, these last two used for ebony restoration.