In addition to the interesting Centres, in the Park we find the Thematic, Multimedia and Interactive Museums, such as "The Forests of the Sila" and "The Forests and the Man" in the Visitor Centre “A Garcea” of Monaco (CZ), the naturalistic Museum in the Visitor Centre “Cupone” of Camigliatello (Cs) and the four ecomuseums, in Zagarise, Longobucco and Albi and Cotronei (this last inside the Visitor Centre with the same name).
They represent the goal of a journey of research, undertaken by the National Park of Sila, which has as its theme the local culture and as objective its preservation and its disclosure.

Museo di Trepidò

Generally during the low tourist season (1 November – 15 March) the museums are open on reservation, while in the Christmas period extraordinary openings could be made. It is good to call to know the dates. However, we refer you to the page dedicated to each museum for detailed timetables and contact information.