The creation of the Olive Oil Museum and of the Rural Civilization of Zagarise (Cz) is a step forward in the process of dissemination and knowledge of the culture linked to the Sila territory, in particular of the Little Sila. A result that is due to the commitment of the City of Zagarise and the Department of Environment - Department of Environmental Policies, but that could not be achieved without the fundamental contribution of the Sila National Park. Since its establishment in 2002, the Agency promotes and finances the redevelopment project of the territory.



The Olive Oil and Peasant Civilization Museum is not a "traditional" museum: it is in fact an ecomuseum. The three essential components of each ecomuseum, which simultaneously constitute its substance, content and working method, are: territory, population (true subject-object of the ecomuseum) and heritage, understood not as a part (be it ethnography or art or archeology), but as a whole to which the community has given great value.


The realization of an ecomuseum, therefore, should be considered the goal of a journey of research that has as its theme the local culture and as its objective its conservation and its dissemination. The Museum of Olive Oil and Farming Civilization is therefore a tourist-cultural site able to offer qualified information and arouse emotional participation involving citizens, institutions, associations.



For more information:
The museum is located in via Guglielmo Marconi s.n.c., 88050 Zagarise (CZ), Zagarise
opening hours Museum: h. 9.30-18.00 (every day except on Monday) from March 16 to November 15 - in the remaining months opening on request